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Slots have entered the gambling world very quickly and taken the first place among other gambling games. It is difficult to believe, that this casino game is one of the youngest ones, as it is played by the most part of casino players! According to the research data, about 80% of casino earnings are made due to slot machine players each year! Unlike the blackjack game, which has a history of several centuries, slot machines are played a little bit more than one hundred years. People play slots machines due to many reasons, but there is a thing, in which you cannot doubt – slots are very captivating!
Today slots have a lot of variants that differ from each other by the functions, symbols, bonuses etc. In order to look into types of slot machines, it is advisable to play free versions at online casino, as it will be a good way to test different machines without losing money. Playing for free you will find slots with the highest payouts and the best winning chances and you will also find that theme in which you are interested at. Besides, free gambling will be good alternative for computer games.
Today almost all online casinos offer different versions of the software – flash games and download versions. It is up to you to choose the one, which will be the best for you. Pay attention, that not all flash casino games are played for free, as that may be only one more way to play game for money. Free gambling will give you the chance to choose the most suitable game, trust worthy online slots software provider and casino. Most free slot games are flash, so you have no need to download the software that can appear quite bulky and take much space on your PC. Besides that online casinos offer the latest games as free versions with the aim of ads.

There are many tips for playing slot machines but the crucial one is choosing the right slot to play. If you are aimed at winning – find the machine, which has good odds. The payouts at these machines are usually a little bit lower than in slots, which odds favor the casino. The goal of the game is to relax and get fun. One more pros of virtual casinos is they often organize online slots tournaments. Use our tips and your name will be on the top of the winners list.

Top Slot Machines Casinos
Rank Casino Bonus Match Score Slots Games Play
1. $150 125% 100 80 play slots for real
2. $500 150% 100 100 play slots for real
3. $777 50% 99 80 play slots for real
4. $500 50% 99 100 play slots for real
5. $100 200% 87 100 play slots for real

In order to win at slot machines it is important not only to know how to play slot machines to win but where to play as well. It is obvious that the most favorable casinos are online ones, as they offer a lot of different services, which make your gambling more beneficial. Above, we propose you the best online casinos with big bonuses. Choosing slots pay attention to software providers as they are responsible for the smooth flow of the play and security of your money.