Legal notice

We respect and recognize the importance and value of maintaining full privacy and safety of our client's data and personal information. All access to their confidential/personal information is only restricted to our agents and employees that need such data and information to give you the best products and also service with the highest of quality.

Collected Information

We collect only information to the extent of necessity and if it is only required in conducting the business and it should always be in accordance with the applicable law or if it is in response to a certain request for a purchase or quotation from us. All the information that we gathered from you will enable us to manage better our relationship with each other, and it also enables us to acquire insights on the services and products required to meet all your needs.

Sensitive Information Disclosure

No disclosure of any personal and confidential information would be allowed without informing first our involved clients. And when we are already authorized by the said clients, we can access their information, or if it is required by the law to disclose the said information needed.

We may also disclose nonpublic and personal information if required by the law and may also disclose such mentioned information (if the law allows) when a request of a specific law enforcement agency and even a presentation of a subpoena or court order.

As allowed by the law, we can ask for all credit details and any other consumer reports that are needed from reporting consumer companies and concerning information that you have provided to us on a quotation or application request.

If Changes in our Privacy Policy changes

Our privacy policy is to set forth on our current procedures and practices with respect into privacy. We reserve and have the right to modify, change, or even alter our current privacy policy whenever. If our policy does change, the updated policy would be posted here wherein the last update's date is also stated. Thus providing you access to all and the most recent data and information regarding all our procedures.

Accepting of Terms

Usage of this site signifies the acceptance on our privacy policy. And if ever you don't agree on our existing terms please refrain or rather don't use our site.