Slot Machine Cheating Methods

When it is about casino games, cheating comes to some players' mind. But is it possible to cheat slots, as it is known as a totally random uncontrolled game? And it is interesting if a slot machine cheats. In history of slot machines there are examples of brilliant cheating at slot machines. Some of them need special devices, while others are strokes of genius.

There is no accident when a slot machine cheats as it is controlled by the computer software, installed at the factory. However, if the software is programmed in a way to decrease the outcomes, slot machine cheats. Although, it is almost impossible, as the outcome of slot machines is controlled by the law. Sometimes slot machines software program hangs; in this case a slot attendant should be called.

Different Devices Help to Cheat Slots

Due to modern technologies it is possible to cheat slot machine in a sophisticated way. Slot machine sensors are very sensitive to light so, mini-lights can be focused on the slot sensors that will confuse the machine about how much money has to be paid for winning. Today most slot machines are protected from such scams.

Sluggers Play Slot Games

One of the pioneer ways to cheat at slit machines is counterfeit coins. However, in modern casinos it is quite hard to use this method, because most of them have special protective systems. Moreover, a lot of casinos offer their gamblers to play, using personal card that accumulates bonus points.

Simple but Efficient

One more cheating method that can impress with its simplicity is a coin tied to a string. The coin has to be inserted and then pulled back out of the slot machine and is used again. In modern slot machines there is designed the protective mechanism, which doesn't allow pulling coins back.

The Play on Casino Floor

Another way of cheating slot machines is to find a slot that has just paid out a jackpot. In most case, a lucky gambler takes the winning and leaves the casino. Then the cheater comes up to the machine and claims that he has won but it didn't pay out. The cheater acts a scene for casino's managers to get "his" jackpot. However, there is a huge number of security cameras that will show the truth.