Online Vegas


This is a practical consideration to make and Online Vegas Casino exceeds expectation. The site is powered by Vegas Technology, which offers optimum quality sounds and graphics to replicate the actual casino gambling experience and offer intense level of excitement.

Game Selection

The amount of games to play in Online Vegas Casino is not only aplenty, but also offers a wide range of variety. The best part about the game selection is that new ones are constantly added into the site's list of games to play, so you'd never get tired of playing the same game over and over again. Online gambling experts have also noted that the slot machine games offered on this site are some of the best the industry has seen, which consists of elaborate slots and more bonus rounds.

How to Sign Up

Whenever a new player signs up to Online Vegas Casino, you will get the chance to win the $5,000 free welcome bonus that is awarded by the site. But even if you did not make that bonus prize, you can still enjoy some other rewards as a new member.

For instance, if you have reached a total of 10 deposits on the site, then you will enjoy a total of $5,000 as a free bonus that will automatically be credited to the bankroll that you have registered to the site upon sign up. There are also a variety of bonuses you can expect for each deposit you make to the site. During your first deposit, you can enjoy up to 100% bonus and once you reach your tenth deposit, you can enjoy as much as 200% bonus.

Rules on Wagering

Any player must meet the wagering requirements stipulated in the Online Vegas casino site before they are eligible for claiming your win or withdrawing your purchase at the site. You need 10 times that of the deposit amount, and then add a bonus amount before you can start wagering. Although there is this wagering requirement, it is not as stringent as you would expect from other casino sites. The fact that the policies within this site are rather lax makes it attractive for online gamblers as an option to play in.

Payout Percentage

Online Vegas casino does not have any formalized publications that would determine the average payout provided in this online casino. However, some of those that have played through the site have indicated that there is an average of 98.7 percent for the best payout that was ever registered on the site.