Since its inception in 1999, the Playtech Cyprus Ltd has emerged to be a renowned name in the field of online casino software development arena. The company recently listed its IPO on the London Stock Exchange with an aim of improving its market share amongst the other players in this sector. Generally, it is considered reliable and high quality software.

Add to this, it is multi- lingual software thereby making it accessible to a larger segment of the audience. The Playtech software usually allows the users to play at their casinos in languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French and English. However, the people of American origin are barred from participating in their casinos.

Excellent Graphics, User- friendly features

The Playtech software is characterized by excellent two-dimensional graphics with an aim of making their casinos look as realistic as possible. Moreover, plenty of color schemes and animation is incorporated in the software to look it more attractive. Another notable feature of this software is the ease of play and navigation aided by the sound effects which add to the casinos being simple and not tends to overpower.

Playing the game is rapid while using the software, i.e. no sooner you press the button the game in the slot spins immediately without having to wait in order to continue the game. Playtech offers its users with a unique advantage of controlling the sound effects, card size and even the speed of the ongoing game. Some other significant features include the convenience in accessing the gaming and the transaction records in the actual time and accessing the help and support desk through a live chat while playing at the casinos.

However, among the notable features of the Playtech software is their Live Gaming interface set up in the year 2003 through which one can play with the dealers who are online. Thus to sum up, it is entirely a unique software in the casino game industry.

Though the software has easily playable games which they have, yet the software does not have a vast game collection. Playtech has been continuously working towards improving the number of games available and releasing the newer slots available in the games even when they do not introduce the newer ones on a regular basis. Other than the video and the audio slots available, they also have some very progressive game slots available which are immensely popular and often yield huge rewards.

Add to this, they also offer numerous multi spin and multi line games for play. The players have an option of choosing between play money and real money mode. It enables the user to get a first glimpse of the game which he/she intends to be aware of before investing money.