Usage Terms

If there are any suspicious activities on the side of the player that will result to a breach in the rules and regulations and could be criminal and fraudulent, or is a deposit was charged back, the company has the right to hold any deposits of the player as well as the winnings. The company also can demand compensation for any amount the player owes the company as well as further deals with the amounts required as per the rules and regulations.

The player confirms compliance to the rules and regulations when he or she accepts the price or winnings. The player also has given consent for advertising their name for the purpose of promotions and advertising. All the applicable taxes will be the responsibility of the player.

Depending on the available options, the minimum amount from the casino is 30USD, 30GBP or 30 EUROS. The maximum withdrawal per week would be 5000 in the said currencies. If the amount that the player has won more than $5000, the winnings will be divided into 2 various parts in which the largest sum will be 5000 in the currency specified. These prices will be sent in consecutive weeks.

There is a clearance that is set on the first withdrawal of the player that is done by the risk department of the payment processor. The review will be around 5 business days and the player will be informed through email for the processing of the payments.

The company will do in all its powers to ensure that the withdrawals are done punctually. There are some conditions that are beyond the control of the company and some limitations are imposed by financial sectors and these can result to lengthening the withdrawal process.

If the account of the player was unused for 6 months, the company has the right to charge 5 dollars for administration fee that can increase depending on conditions.

All the materials that are submitted to claim the price will become the property of the casino and they will not be returned. If in any case that price claims were lost, arrived late, damaged, misdirected and others, the company is not held liable and the extent of the liability on materials that has error and it is limited to replacement only.

The logos, names and other symbols, trademarks and names of the company are rightfully reserved by the casino. The player has no rights to these items, images, concepts, graphics and methodologies.