In the year 1995, brothers Mark Rivkin and Andrew Rivkin founded Cryptologic. Both had collaborated in the development of a secure online transaction facility for handling finances that is to be done online. But they were inspired to use this online financial transaction mechanism to produce online gaming software instead wherein they could still use the first online financial system they had developed.

Thus, InterCasino was introduced in 1996, which was the first online casino ever introduced. Cryptologic became part of the Toronto Stock Exchange list in the year 1998, as well as the 2000 NASDAQ and 2003 London Stock Exchange lists. However, Cryptologic is withdrawn from the market in 2006 when UIGEA was passed. The Cryptologic online casinos no longer accept United States players today.


Cryptologic offers the second largest supply of online games in the market and they have managed to introduce 20 games to their list per year. The games that is available in their selection range from table games to card games, slot machines, and video poker. Popular card and table games such as blackjack and roulette are available in the selection but slots seem to be the main focus for Cryptologic. In fact, they are best known for producing some of the best slot machines in the industry.

The games available at Cryptologic take notes from other entertainment platforms to develop their own slots such that they are able to offer the best playing experience for its customers. The most recent venture for Cryptologic is to tie up with Marvel Comics such that they were able to produce slots that were inspired from the famous super heroes from the brand. Among the popular characters that were featured in their slots include the Hulk, Spider-Man, among other famous Marvel characters.

Aside from Marvel Comics, Cryptologic has also partnered with Paramount Studios to develop slots that were based on the characters from the movies produced by the studio.

Although the progressive slots from Cryptologic do not necessarily offer payouts as high as up to a million dollars, but the introduction of these new concepts that were not only unique but also enticing has helped propel the brand above its competitors in the online casino industry.


The online casino software from Cryptologic is noted for its vast range of features that are among the best in the industry today. They are lauded for its multi-currency and multi lingual features, which ensures that anyone can play it. You can choose to download the software into your computer for easy access in the future.